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Personalized browsing using Sitecore

About 12 months ago I walked into the Loud&Clear digital agency’s office in the hopes of landing myself an internship. I was sweating. Not the kind ‘oh I just walked up the stairs on…

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A/B Testing – A website optimization technique

A/B testing is a method of figuring out which is the best version of something: A or B. In scientific terms A/B testing is a controlled experiment where A and B are the control and treatment. A and B are identical in all ways except one. In web design we are using A/B testing, to identify which is the best way to optimize a website

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Carabiner, JS/CSS management library for CodeIgniter

Carabiner is a Codeigniter library that combines and minifies CSS and Javascript resources on the fly and caches the combined – minified version on the server. In a development environment, it can also output each resource separately, in order not to get in the way of debugging.