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How to use AJAX to show progress of a PHP script without polling

A lot of times we want to provide some sort of feedback to the user, while executing a task that usually takes a lot of time in the server. However it is not always desirable to utilize a technique like polling. Instead we can use either one of these two methods in order to update the DOM and let the user know what is going on.

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4+1 CSS3 animation libraries!

The main purpose of CSS is to separate content from presentation. Therefore having a bunch of JavaScript execute complex code in order to animate an on screen element is less than ideal. Plus animations through JavaScript occasionally need non semantic HTML to be inserted in order to make everything happen. This is exactly why CSS3 animations are awesome.

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Front End Web Development Quiz

This front end web development quiz created by By David Shariff is probably going to hurt your ego. At this time 62414 people have completed this quiz and the average score is 53.74%. You think that’s low?

Go ahead and give it a try

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TogetherJS – Javascript Collaboration plugin

I wanted to implement real time collaboration for a web application project of mine, so I started doing some research. It turns out that creating a website that is capable of real time collaboration is kinda difficult. In order to create something like that, one must use a technology like node.js and still it would be a pretty complicated problem to tackle. There are a few plugins that can help us with building an online collaboration tool but in my opinion the best by far is TogetherJS by none other than Mozilla.

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Jetstrap – Bootstrap interface building tool

Jetstrap is a web based wireframing tool, that outputs functional Bootstrap code. You can use Jetstrap to create an initial mockup demo of your frontend, but when you are done instead of a pretty picture you actually get functional HTML Bootstrap code.