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What is Bootstrap and why you should use it

Bootstrap is a front end framework, that consists of tools for creating web applications and websites. It consists of your standard HTML and a number of CSS styling rules for various components, such as typography, forms, buttons, charts, navigation and other interface components. It implements a grid system, it is responsive, with multiple break points, and enhances the base functionality of HTML elements with numerous JavaScript plugins.


Codrops Blueprints – a source of website concepts

Codrops is a blog with numerous articles and tutorials about web design and development. It’s one of the sites that I routinely check to stay up to date with current trends and technology as well as draw inspiration. One very interesting section that this site has is the Blueprints Collection.

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Management of digital projects

I have been working in the digital industry for some time now, mostly as a web developer, and I have been a part of numerous digital projects. From my, limited to be honest, experience the process of creating digital products is not subject to traditional project management techniques. The management of digital projects requires a different approach.

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Why you should use Codeigniter

I love using Codeigniter. I have to admit that it’s the first framework that I came in contact with and although I have used other frameworks, I always return to Codeigniter. For anyone out there who doesn’t know what Codeigniter is and why it’s so awesome, I am going to try and summarize it

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CSS is awesome coffee mug

Generally speaking, I am a practical kind of man. Up to this point I didn’t care the least bit in how my mug looked like, as long as it had the ability to contain my coffee in an efficient manner. I used to buy generic, easy-to-replace, one color mugs.

For this mug however, I think I am going to make an exception

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Pivot a table in MySQL – Tutorial

Databases are great, especially when they are normalized. Most of the time we (try to) end up in a 3NF database which addresses most of these issues. However occasionally, we come across this problem where you would prefer to have some piece of information in a column, but unfortunately it is in one or more rows. It’s at times like these, that you must know how to pivot a table in MySQL in order to make your life easier.

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The sound of 15 sorting algorithms

Every single computer science student at some point has to learn about sorting algorithms. You first hear about them in the first semesters during Algorithms 101, you later learn more about them during Operating…