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Mysql get field names from table 2

Mysql get field names from table

I am currently developing a backend generator in PHP / MySQL. At some point in order to make the magic happen I needed to get the field names for a table and insert them into a table of my own, in order to store the metadata that I need to create the application.

internet explorer 11 0

Internet Explorer 11 has autoupdate

I was extremely happy to see this and I have to say that this feature is finally implemented by Microsoft not a minute too soon. In my opinion the tyranny of IE8 (and IE7 before that, and IE6 before that) was exactly due to the fact that those browser could not automatically update to the latest version.

pivot a table with dynamic columns in mysql 20

Pivot table with dynamic columns in MySQL

I have already written a post on how to pivot a table in MySQL, when the rows that we want to pivot into columns are somewhat predefined. Today I am going to show how you can achieve the same result, when the rows that we want to pivot into columns are not predefined but are dynamic instead

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Carabiner, JS/CSS management library for CodeIgniter

Carabiner is a Codeigniter library that combines and minifies CSS and Javascript resources on the fly and caches the combined – minified version on the server. In a development environment, it can also output each resource separately, in order not to get in the way of debugging.

helloWorld[1] 0

Hello World Quiz – The programmers’ quiz

We’ve all written our fare share of Hello Worlds over our careers. It’s fast, it’s easy and its the entry point for much greater things. Now it’s time for a little quiz. How many programming languages do YOU know? You can test how many programming languages you know by visiting

Google-Swiffy 1

Google Swiffy converts Flash SWF files to HTML5

Once in a while you come across a project, tool, framework, whatever that leaves you literally speechless. It’s a truly amazing moment. A moment, when technology no longer resembles itself but takes a different form. A moment when technology takes the form of magic. I recently discovered Google Swiffy, although the project is in existence for over two years, and it certainly felt like magic.

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Grocery CRUD – A Codeigniter library

I have already made a post about the importance of using a framework, in order to make your life easier and maximize your productivity. Using libraries is a way to go beyond the basics of the framework and amplify the advantages. Grocery CRUD is a library made by John Skoumbourdis that creates, as the name implies, a full featured CRUD for your backend with minimum fuss.

html5 4

HTML5: How to change the browser URL without reload

One less known feature of HTML5 is the onpopstate event. Using onpopstate you can change the browser URL via javascript, without reloading the page and the browser history will be updated accordingly. No longer do you need to use the hash(#) hack, if you want to add state in an AJAX powered application, and search engines bots will be able to crawl your pages and index them.

less css preprocessor 3

LESS – The javascript powered CSS preprocessor

LESS takes code written in its language and then outputs plain CSS. It’s very similar to how PHP or ASP or any other server side programming language works. Server side languages are able to do complex things like query a database but in the end, they output plain HTML. LESS works much in the same way, but outputs CSS instead..

Free Network 0

Free The Network – Documentary

A documentary about the Occupy Wall Street, hacktivism, and the hackers trying to build a distributed network for the Occupy movement and beyond. When you access the Internet, the information that you exchange is handled by organizations which are called telecommunications providers.