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Cross browser background-size:100%

Let’s assume that we design a website and we want to set the background to be similar to the image on the left. This can be achieved with a couple of ways: We can either use a pure CSS radial gradient or we can use an image. The CSS method is in my opinion superior but in some case using an image is prefferable

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Front End Web Development Quiz

This front end web development quiz created by By David Shariff is probably going to hurt your ego. At this time 62414 people have completed this quiz and the average score is 53.74%. You think that’s low?

Go ahead and give it a try

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Responsive images using PHP

Responsive design is great! By now every web developer should know this. However there is one problem with this technique and that is none other than image serving. Having the mobile device shrink the images in the browser is both a waste of bandwidth and CPU. The good news is that we can use PHP in order to serve adaptive images and implement what is known as RESS (responsive server side)

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TogetherJS – Javascript Collaboration plugin

I wanted to implement real time collaboration for a web application project of mine, so I started doing some research. It turns out that creating a website that is capable of real time collaboration is kinda difficult. In order to create something like that, one must use a technology like node.js and still it would be a pretty complicated problem to tackle. There are a few plugins that can help us with building an online collaboration tool but in my opinion the best by far is TogetherJS by none other than Mozilla.

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Jetstrap – Bootstrap interface building tool

Jetstrap is a web based wireframing tool, that outputs functional Bootstrap code. You can use Jetstrap to create an initial mockup demo of your frontend, but when you are done instead of a pretty picture you actually get functional HTML Bootstrap code.

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SMTP 451 error: CodeIgniter Email

I have encountered this SMTP error code while trying to send an email in Codeigniter using the SMTP method. I have encountered this problem only on one occasion, even though I have used the Codeigniter Email library multiple times. In order to fix this I had to do some core hacking

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A/B Testing – A website optimization technique

A/B testing is a method of figuring out which is the best version of something: A or B. In scientific terms A/B testing is a controlled experiment where A and B are the control and treatment. A and B are identical in all ways except one. In web design we are using A/B testing, to identify which is the best way to optimize a website

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You can’t JavaScript under pressure

You can’t JavaScript under pressure is a fun little game that pins you JavaScript skills against the clock. You are presented with five typical functions to fill. The faster you write them the better! When you are done you press on the go button and after some unit testing magic the game notifies you if you got it correct or not.

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Why use an IDE for PHP Development

In the great debate Text editors vs IDEs I am a strong supporter of the IDE corner. I strongly feel that having a full featured development environment is an important tool in the arsenal of every developer. Text editors have a lot to offer but there a lot of things that can be achieved only through the use of plugins. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features that IDEs have to offer.


AJAX Synchronous Call without freezing the UI

I was recently asked, by a good friend of mine if it’s possible to make synchronous AJAX calls without freezing the UI.
The short answer is: no.
However there are a lot of ways that you can get around this restriction, some more graceful than the others. In this article I will demonstrate three of them