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Difference between self and $this

The difference between self and $this is kinda thin but can be easily illustrated with the proper example. Basically self is used to reference the current class name within a class, where as $this refers to the current object instance.

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How to use AJAX to show progress of a PHP script without polling

A lot of times we want to provide some sort of feedback to the user, while executing a task that usually takes a lot of time in the server. However it is not always desirable to utilize a technique like polling. Instead we can use either one of these two methods in order to update the DOM and let the user know what is going on.

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Laravel artisan serve in PhpStorm

I recently started looking into the Laravel framework and I have to admit that it is leaps and bounds ahead from my current favorite framework, Codeigniter. It is so much more elegant in every aspect and takes full advantage of several new PHP features. This article is about the built-in web server which is utilized through the artisan serve command tool and how to integrate it with PhpStorm

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CodeLobster PHP Edition Review

I couple of months ago I was asked to checkout an IDE for PHP development called CodeLobster. It looked very promising and came with a lot of features. I have been using the professional free to try version for some time now and I have to say that overall it’s pretty good.

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Responsive images using PHP

Responsive design is great! By now every web developer should know this. However there is one problem with this technique and that is none other than image serving. Having the mobile device shrink the images in the browser is both a waste of bandwidth and CPU. The good news is that we can use PHP in order to serve adaptive images and implement what is known as RESS (responsive server side)

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SMTP 451 error: CodeIgniter Email

I have encountered this SMTP error code while trying to send an email in Codeigniter using the SMTP method. I have encountered this problem only on one occasion, even though I have used the Codeigniter Email library multiple times. In order to fix this I had to do some core hacking

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Why use an IDE for PHP Development

In the great debate Text editors vs IDEs I am a strong supporter of the IDE corner. I strongly feel that having a full featured development environment is an important tool in the arsenal of every developer. Text editors have a lot to offer but there a lot of things that can be achieved only through the use of plugins. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features that IDEs have to offer.

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Carabiner, JS/CSS management library for CodeIgniter

Carabiner is a Codeigniter library that combines and minifies CSS and Javascript resources on the fly and caches the combined – minified version on the server. In a development environment, it can also output each resource separately, in order not to get in the way of debugging.

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Grocery CRUD – A Codeigniter library

I have already made a post about the importance of using a framework, in order to make your life easier and maximize your productivity. Using libraries is a way to go beyond the basics of the framework and amplify the advantages. Grocery CRUD is a library made by John Skoumbourdis that creates, as the name implies, a full featured CRUD for your backend with minimum fuss.

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Why you should use Codeigniter

I love using Codeigniter. I have to admit that it’s the first framework that I came in contact with and although I have used other frameworks, I always return to Codeigniter. For anyone out there who doesn’t know what Codeigniter is and why it’s so awesome, I am going to try and summarize it