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Jetstrap – Bootstrap interface building tool

Jetstrap is a web based wireframing tool, that outputs functional Bootstrap code. You can use Jetstrap to create an initial mockup demo of your frontend, but when you are done instead of a pretty picture you actually get functional HTML Bootstrap code.

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HTML5: How to change the browser URL without reload

One less known feature of HTML5 is the onpopstate event. Using onpopstate you can change the browser URL via javascript, without reloading the page and the browser history will be updated accordingly. No longer do you need to use the hash(#) hack, if you want to add state in an AJAX powered application, and search engines bots will be able to crawl your pages and index them.

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What is Bootstrap and why you should use it

Bootstrap is a front end framework, that consists of tools for creating web applications and websites. It consists of your standard HTML and a number of CSS styling rules for various components, such as typography, forms, buttons, charts, navigation and other interface components. It implements a grid system, it is responsive, with multiple break points, and enhances the base functionality of HTML elements with numerous JavaScript plugins.