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A/B Testing – A website optimization technique

A/B testing is a method of figuring out which is the best version of something: A or B. In scientific terms A/B testing is a controlled experiment where A and B are the control and treatment. A and B are identical in all ways except one. In web design we are using A/B testing, to identify which is the best way to optimize a website

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Internet Explorer 11 has autoupdate

I was extremely happy to see this and I have to say that this feature is finally implemented by Microsoft not a minute too soon. In my opinion the tyranny of IE8 (and IE7 before that, and IE6 before that) was exactly due to the fact that those browser could not automatically update to the latest version.


Codrops Blueprints – a source of website concepts

Codrops is a blog with numerous articles and tutorials about web design and development. It’s one of the sites that I routinely check to stay up to date with current trends and technology as well as draw inspiration. One very interesting section that this site has is the Blueprints Collection.