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Vindinium 1

Vindinium – An AI online contest

Vindinium is an ongoing programming challenge that revolves around Artificial Intelligence. Your task is to write a script, in your favorite programming language, which will decide how your hero will behave in the field. Your program will then fight with other users for a predetermined number of turns over who can gather more gold.

front end quiz 0

Front End Web Development Quiz

This front end web development quiz created by By David Shariff is probably going to hurt your ego. At this time 62414 people have completed this quiz and the average score is 53.74%. You think that’s low?

Go ahead and give it a try

javascript 3

You can’t JavaScript under pressure

You can’t JavaScript under pressure is a fun little game that pins you JavaScript skills against the clock. You are presented with five typical functions to fill. The faster you write them the better! When you are done you press on the go button and after some unit testing magic the game notifies you if you got it correct or not.

helloWorld[1] 0

Hello World Quiz – The programmers’ quiz

We’ve all written our fare share of Hello Worlds over our careers. It’s fast, it’s easy and its the entry point for much greater things. Now it’s time for a little quiz. How many programming languages do YOU know? You can test how many programming languages you know by visiting

css_awesome_mug 0

CSS is awesome coffee mug

Generally speaking, I am a practical kind of man. Up to this point I didn’t care the least bit in how my mug looked like, as long as it had the ability to contain my coffee in an efficient manner. I used to buy generic, easy-to-replace, one color mugs.

For this mug however, I think I am going to make an exception

Sorting algorithms comparison 0

The sound of 15 sorting algorithms

Every single computer science student at some point has to learn about sorting algorithms. You first hear about them in the first semesters during Algorithms 101, you later learn more about them during Operating…