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Personalized browsing using Sitecore

About 12 months ago I walked into the Loud&Clear digital agency’s office in the hopes of landing myself an internship. I was sweating. Not the kind ‘oh I just walked up the stairs on…

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5 effective techniques for encouraging website investment

Paul Boag, in yet another amazing blog post, talks about the need to convince customers that websites require ongoing investment and even provides us with five very smart arguments to help us with this. The fact that websites need constant care and development, is something that is pretty obvious for all web professionals but unfortunately, most clients fail to understand this.

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Google Swiffy converts Flash SWF files to HTML5

Once in a while you come across a project, tool, framework, whatever that leaves you literally speechless. It’s a truly amazing moment. A moment, when technology no longer resembles itself but takes a different form. A moment when technology takes the form of magic. I recently discovered Google Swiffy, although the project is in existence for over two years, and it certainly felt like magic.

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Free The Network – Documentary

A documentary about the Occupy Wall Street, hacktivism, and the hackers trying to build a distributed network for the Occupy movement and beyond. When you access the Internet, the information that you exchange is handled by organizations which are called telecommunications providers.

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Management of digital projects

I have been working in the digital industry for some time now, mostly as a web developer, and I have been a part of numerous digital projects. From my, limited to be honest, experience the process of creating digital products is not subject to traditional project management techniques. The management of digital projects requires a different approach.